Getting Started:  Recruiting can be a time consuming and confusing process.  Many parents donít know where to begin or donít have the time to make college contacts and tend to procrastinate when it comes to promoting their son or daughter.  The process starts in the prospect's early high school years and waiting until theyíre a senior is a devastating mistake many people make.  We will help keep you on track to give you the best opportunity to take your game to the next level. If you are a late starter, we can help put you on a fast track to improve your chances of playing in college.


Recruiting Process: We guide prospects through the recruiting process and familiarize them with college recruiting rules (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA) and make sure they are aware of important recruiting dates.  Recruiting is not the same for every college sport so it's important the prospect understand the rules and regulations they must adhere to for their specific sport.


Academic Impact:  Itís not enough to be a good athlete, you have to be a great student athlete.  Prospects will be made aware of the importance of academics in the recruiting process and how grades can be a determining factor on just how recruitable a prospect is and how grades can even affect athletic scholarship offers.


Creating Options:  One of the main goals of Roesle Sports Consulting is to help each prospect generate college options so that ultimately they get to choose a school that is the best fit in the classroom and in their sport.  The more options a prospect has the better chance they will find the school that is the "right fit" for them.


Recommendations: I have worked very hard to establish great working relationships with college coaches over the past 8 years and I contact coaches on a daily basis.  Coaches trust and respect my opinion about prospects as they know I will not exaggerate or send them information on a prospect that does not fit their program.


Target Zone:  RSC will help the athlete find information about specific schools that fits their target zone; colleges that fit both academically and athletically.  Desired major, location, size of school, student teacher ratio are just a few that need to be considered before contacting colleges.


Targeted Communication:  As the recruiting process progresses, we help prospects understand what should be included in letters and e-mails to college coaches and provide them with contact information for most college coaches they may be interested in.  We also help the prospect determine whatís important to their unique college needs so they have a better idea of what to ask coaches when speaking to them in person or on the phone.


Professional Video:  A must for anyone wanting to be recruited. Video is often the first impression a coach gets of a prospect's abilities so itís imperative it is done correctly.  We provide our clients with a professionally filmed and edited skill/game footage (depending on sport and position) that can be sent to college coaches so they can evaluate a prospect's skills. 


Web Video:  College coaches are busy people and the easier you make it for them to view your video the better chance you will have of getting recruited.  Each RSC sponsored athlete will be provided an online video that can be included in the prospect's e-mail letters to college coaches.  This option makes it very easy for the athlete to be evaluated. 


Athletic Profile:  Athletic profiles are used by college coaches to "qualify" a prospect for their particular program.  We will develop a professional color profile to highlight your athletic, academic and contact information.

Exposure Teams:  Selecting the "right" travel team can be very important so colleges will have a chance to evaluate your play in a competitive environment.  In this regard itís extremely important that prospects know what colleges are looking for in a player at showcases or camps and where most colleges do the majority of their scouting.  RSC will help you understand this process so you can make the right choice for your recruiting effort.

RSC:  The BEST Value...The BEST recruiting consultation for your athlete!


When trying to decide which consulting service is the best for you I recommend you research all the companies (including RSC) before making a commitment. Talk to parents who have used the service to determine if they were satisfied and if the service was worth the price.  DO NOT allow yourself to be strong armed into signing a contract with a company that uses high pressure sales tactics or a slick presentation. Never sign with a company that pushes you to sign after just one meeting.  I recommend discussing this as a family and looking at the pros and cons before making a decision.  If you know a college coach, ask them if they are familiar with the company and if they use that service when recruiting.  If colleges donít use the service to regularly recruit players, will it be worth your time and money? 


Any company that says they can guarantee your son or daughter a scholarship not being honest.  There are no guarantees with recruiting and each familyís goals and wants vary from prospect to prospect.  Intended major, distance from home, size of school, 2 year versus 4 year colleges, etc. are just a few of the factors to be considered when choosing a college.


A company that uses a cookie cutter approach to recruiting, doing the exact same thing for each athlete, will undoubtedly end up with unsatisfied and disgruntled customers.  I work with each prospect individually and contour a personalized program to target those schools that best fit their individual wants and needs, both for their sport and more importantly academically.  In the end getting a college education is the main goal of all student athletes and is the primary focus of my program.  If playing a sport is more important to then success in the classroom then my program is not right for you. 


First and foremost, Roesle Sports Consulting is a local company with a solid track record of helping student athletes take their game to the next level.  RSC offers more services, individualized for the athlete, at a better value (with payment plans) than any of the large Internet recruiting services. The results speak for them self.  We are not the biggest but we are absolutely the best for athletes in NW Florida, SW Alabama, and Mississippi.  If you are looking for a company that is not just a voice over the phone and wonít make promises they canít keep, treat you with respect and will not use high pressure sales tactics then I would welcome a chance to meet with you to discuss what I can do for your son or daughter.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



Professional Video:   A must for any high school athlete trying to get on the radar of college coaches. Video is often the first impression a coach gets of a prospect's abilities so itís  critical it is done correctly.  We provide our clients with a professionally filmed and edited skill/game footage (depending on sport and  position) that can be sent to college coaches so they can evaluate a prospect's skills.  (We don't do highlight videos as a majority of college coaches have informed us they prefer skills or game footage over highlight films when evaluating prospects). Video will be updated as needed.

Before signing with an Internet Athletic Recruiting Service, please consider Roesle Sports Consulting (RSC). We are the BEST Value and the BEST recruiting consultation service for student athletes! We help student athletes take their game to the next level!

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